Brenda’s French Soul Food

Be prepared for a line at any time of day, but know that the folks in front of you are on to something good. Brenda’s serves delicious soul food at a great value – definitely a solid choice for big appetites!

I was thoroughly delighted (and defeated) by an order of the BFC (Brenda’s Fried Chicken), especially having ordered the gumbo as a starter, so while the leftover chicken made the best lunch the next day, next time I’ll order the chicken by the piece and customize my side, as I saw savvy diners do at the table next to ours.  Conversely, the catfish po’boy was joyfully devoured by M – I think I may have had a bite, but it disappeared in a flash.  The beer/wine list is on the shorter side, but carefully chosen, and there are a couple of selections from Dixie Brewing Company from New Orleans that work well with the food.


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