The Plant Cafe Organic (Embarcadero)

The Plant Cafe Organic has become one of my go-to restaurants when friends who are vegetarian are visiting SF. It has a great view from the patio looking out over the water, the staff have always been approachable and knowledgeable, and the food is tasty (I’ve a soft spot for the Plant burger, made in part with beets and thus a brilliant pink hue.)  The menu changes seasonally, showcasing different foods every time I’ve visited, though a couple of standbys, like the Plant Burger, remain on the list year-round.

Moreover, while it doesn’t bill itself as a vegetarian restaurant, focusing on its commitment to using organic produce and free-range/sustainable meats, it balances a solid array of vegetarian dishes with a couple of carnivore options, which is handy when eating with a larger group. I admire their experimental spirit, and admit to Googling cocktail ingredients I’d never heard of before when looking at the drinks list – Snap or  Dimmi, anyone? – but being very happy with the results, particularly the Ginger Snap.

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