Bread Heads

Cities are wonderful things. I studied them, a little, back in my undergrad days – ten stories up at the top of the Tory tower with a formidable prof and a class of whipsmart fellow Poli Sci students. It’s fascinating to see some of what we talked about take effect in downtown Kitchener; as the Shops on Duke Street become an increasingly interesting place to eat out; as Holy Guacamole expands, Exclamation puts a new face on the corner of Frederick and Duke Streets, and Bread Heads opens.

 Bread Heads is the newest addition; after a coworker talked happily about a new place that served great wood-fired pizza right around the corner, what could I say but “next Tuesday?”

Wandering over, we raised our invisible caps in gratitude to the friendly young team that didn’t slow down as they made our pizzas, despite the fact that the inside of the cafe had to be warmer than outside – and the air outside was sweltering.

We snagged two of the bar stools and took in the space. It’s warm (in more than one way), welcoming, quirky, and played right in to my love of always having reading material at hand. I liked that all the books were on-topic.

The small sketches & paintings tucked behind the potted plants on the bar counter were a sweet touch; one of the little (and not so little – like the ‘baker’s calculator’ on the wall) details to enjoy. The cafe isn’t a large space, mostly intended for take-out, but a couple of small parties could still fit in, provided the waiting lines aren’t too long.

Pizzas are assembled and cooked to order; K omitted the caramelized onions from his Duke (mozza, cremini & baby bella mushrooms, & pepperoni on tomato sauce) and I nodded gleefully when the cashier/prep chef asked if I’d like extra balsamic on my Breadheadigan (cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, & parmesan with a balsamic reduction & olive oil base.)  The summer salad looked tempting: mandarins, blueberries, and goat cheese in spring mix? Yum. Next time, I’ll ask about the breads and muffins on the tray below the menu, too. The muffins intrigued, but I was too focused on pizza – and watching the flames dance in the wood-fired oven while trying not to boil, myself – to ask.

At $8 even, tax included, for each pizza, it’s an arguably more expensive lunch as quick food goes, but the toppings are fresh, tasty, and plentiful (and, according to the website, stocked locally and seasonally as much as possible.)

I was more than happy with the mix of flavours and toppings on my pizza – it’s hard to go wrong with cherry tomatoes, dark balsamic, and goat cheese, and the Breadheadigan gets it very right.  The pizza dough is great, too: pleasantly chewy with crispy bits around a couple of air bubbles and flavourful without being heavy. K was equally happy with his Duke (pictured left), and recommended I try one of the pizzas with a tomato sauce base next time.

…that said: see you Tuesday?



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