Crosspost: A Little Birdie Told Me…

While guest judging at the first Iron Chef Uptown of the year, I had the fantastic luck to meet up with one of Foodlink’s representatives. Over delicious scallops and apple martinis, she asked if I might guest-blog for Foodlink’s Local Dish blog sometime.

iron-chef-may2011resizeRendered completely giddy and floored by the offer (and a little intimidated), I puzzled over what to write – until the idea of talking about the connections between social media and gastronomic events like Iron Chef Uptown came to mind. Upon moving to KW, it blew me away how many folks in the food and service industry used tools like Twitter to keep up with each other and the various events in the region. Not only that, how welcoming they were to newcomers like myself.

That said, the pun about “a little birdie” in the blog post’s title is both terrible and transparent, but then, I’ve always had a weakness for awful puns. (As for why this was posted on my own blog so belatedly? Summer is terribly distracting. ^^;;)

Article @ Foodlink’s Local Dish.

I hope you read on and enjoy; thoughts are always welcome!

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