Puck ‘n Wings

Puck ‘n Wings is the kind of place that you almost don’t want to recommend for fear of jinxing it. Almost.

But their $5/pound wing special on Monday nights is a great way to grab cheap eats in the Annex, and the place is worth it for the wings alone. I’m not a huge wing fan, as they’re usually a lot of bone and fat for the price, but Puck’s wings were meaty and covered in sauce; not for anyone on a diet, by a long shot, but I also spied a “make your own salad” menu, so there is at least one veggie-friendly dish available (aside from the edamame appetizer).

My table and I ordered three pounds of wings to share, after enjoying the tongue-in-cheek menu (filled with hockey puns and tie-ins). We ordered one pound of sauce-covered maple BBQ, another of red Thai chili, and a Caribbean jerk spice rub. The dry rub was our favorite but the other two were solid contenders. Wings come with a dipping sauce and carrot/celery sticks on every other night of the week (when they’re $10/pound) but our server explained that due to the special, the wings came straight up on Mondays without the extra fixings. Truthfully? We didn’t miss them.

The wings were hearty, so the MVP fries that we ordered on the side were poked at, found tasty, but ultimately abandoned in lieu of the wings. I liked the honey-mustard sauce they were served with, though!

The atmosphere is low-key, comfortable, and fast-paced, with lots of screens to watch a variety of sports (hockey and European football seemed to dominate), and lots of windows for people-watching if that’s more your speed. The server staff seemed a little understaffed, but everyone was friendly and knowledgeable, and moved quickly to make sure that the diners were taken care of. Not an easy task – we got in before 6 PM, and the place was almost full.

I know I’ll be back – maybe not to brave the inferno wings that rate a 6 on the 1-5 scale of heat – but maybe for another new flavour of wings and to catch the latest game.


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