turn to gold and to cold, for autumn is coming

It’s that season again.

It’s funny how fall can bring out different behaviors – at least in me, it heralds a sense of frugality, of cherishing the last of the brilliant summer berries and bright peppers before they disappear from market shelves and become very expensive imports.

I remember, when I was younger, picking raspberries from a neighbour’s yard and putting them on wax paper-lined cookie sheets to be frozen. I’m fairly sure that I ate at least half of the number that was intended for the trays! But here I am, timezones and years away and in a place of my own, but making the same move to freeze the berries. (This time, only stealing a few along the way; when you have to pay for them it’s hard to eat half a pint in a sitting!)

So too, zucchini are being submitted to the grater and packed away in ziplocked 2-cup rations; fall is also a time for quiche-making and other comfort foods. Maybe it’s the cold; maybe it’s the whispers of winter that are already making their way through this town.

I’m planning to make an apple impossible pie (an old family standby) tomorrow; the Cortland apples on our table look very pretty, but it’s their turn to turn into something delicious. And somewhere in there, M and I plan to tackle a pumpkin – carve it into something awesome for Halloween and turn its brilliant orange flesh into pies and soups and other delights. Recipes to follow? Maybe!

…oh, fall. Moments like this are what help me to remember that the season of cold isn’t so bad!


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