The Bauer Kitchen

Two visits in, the Bauer Kitchen has made itself a contender for celebrating special occasions, entertaining family/friends who are visiting, or snagging a glass of wine and people-watching. The servers and hosts are knowledgeable, the atmosphere classy but not pretentious, and the food. Mmm, the food.

There’s a mushroom tart appetizer that I’m dreaming about from my first visit, but the fact that my table this time around considered a coup d’etat to steal the Muscovy Duck from its original recipient says something, too. I’d heard great things about the brie-stuffed chicken, and it deserves them (creamy brie, well-seasoned chicken, savoury potatoes and freshly grilled veggies? Simple ingredients, but perfectly executed.) The short rib gnocchi rounded out our entrees, and smelled amazing – but was, sadly, fiercely guarded by my date.

Suggesting a wine pairing in the sidebar for each menu item is a nifty touch, and helped us to navigate the wine list.

As a note – the calamari isn’t served in the familiar style (deep-fried rings of delicious golden rubber) and is rather more pan-fried and squid-shaped than expected. But – it was delicious. The cherry tomatoes and capers on the side were a great addition.

Definitely recommended.


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